Update: Wednesday, April 20, 7:20 AM

According to nwahomepage.com, investigators are saying the white 2021 Nissan Versa with a Tennessee license plate was found last night (Tuesday evening) and they were questioning persons of interest.

Update Tuesday, April 19, 5:30 PM:

Trynytee Case the 17-year-old teen missing from a possible kidnapping in Hot Springs is safe with police.

According to nwahomepage.com, she is being interviewed by officers. Police are still looking for the vehicle that was of interest in this case.

Earlier today:

Please be on the lookout for this young woman from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Arkansas State Police have issued an Amber Alert in a possible kidnapping. She could easily be in the Texarkana area

A vehicle of interest has been added to this Amber Alert. It is a White Nissan Versa with a license plate out of Tennessee 59B D82.

The victim is 17-year-old Trynytee Case she was leaving work at Pour Some Sugar on Me Bakery at around 9:15PM Monday night April 18. She was walking with a co-worker to other cars when a white female approached them and asked to use the victim's phone because she was lost and her parents were staying at a condo in Hot Springs.

Amazon, Anley Store
Amazon, Anley Store

The woman then told the victim that she really just needed the phone to get her GPS coordinates and asked Trynytee to come closer to her vehicle. At the same time the co-worker went to get her own car, but when she returned to where Trynytee was she was nowhere to be found. Calls to the victim's phone were unanswered.




According to a press release from the Arkansas State Police:

The friend panics and calls the victims mother. The mother attempts numerous times to call the victims phone and the victim answers and states, "everything is fine", when a male voice comes across the phone and states that they are demanding $10,000 dollars for her return or they would kill and cut up the victim. The phone goes dead at this time and no contact has been made since.

The police say that Trynytee's cell phone was pinged and was last seen headed south on U.S. Highway 7 south of Hot Springs.

Police officer in bulletproof vest outdoors, back view

Trynytee is stands 5 foot 6 inches and about 115 pounds. She has a brown ponytail and hazel eyes. She was last seen wearing a blue hoodie with "Pour some sugar on me" logo. Legging style pants and white tennis shoes.

If you see her please call 911 or Hot Springs Police Department (501) 651-7711

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