There are always two sides to a story but it's the one you decide to believe that could make a difference. This brings us to an incident that happened on February 17, in Northeast Arkansas between two landowners.

The whole ordeal was caught on video and shared on Facebook over the weekend by Lone Star Outdoors Show. There were actually several clips shot by a hunter, who happens to be a friend of a waterfowl guide, the video shows a massive amount of snow goose decoys on the land, where he has a lease to hunt being completely mowed over by a farmer on a tractor with a stubble roller going full speed.

The Cross County Sheriff's Department was called out to the scene but all he could do was watch as this was considered a civil matter because the two men both have a lease to hunt on the property. After a lot of finger-pointing between the two men, nothing has really been settled on the matter. This really sounds like this is turning into a real Hatfields and McCoys sort of thing.

One of the videos was filmed from inside the farmer's cab where according to a story from Outdoor Life, the farmer was trying to prove a point over a land dispute between the two men. Most of it stemmed from an eviction notice over a lease agreement. The video was shared and has been viewed all over social media sites multiple times.

So, the question remains, which side do you take?

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