One state drinks more than the majority of the nation, while another drinks less. One state even falls in the middle.

The world of beer is changing... Or at least one niche of beer is getting more attention. No longer does cracking a cold one open mean just a generic can of whatever you could find at the convenience store. Craft beer is certainly making a name for itself and the varieties are endless.

Recently, Thrillist took a long look at the "United States of Beer" and crunched some numbers as to who is consuming the most. They did not specify as to what kind of beer these states were drinking, but they did find some pretty interesting numbers. Especially in the Ark-La-Tex.

Which of the three states in our area do you believe consumes the most beer?

I would have bet Louisiana. But that's only because they know how to throw a party. Turns out it is Texas. In fact, on the list of the states with the highest consumption level, Texas ranked number 10. Arkansas on the other hand was in the bottom 10 (at number 41) making them one of the states who consumes the least.

So where does that leave Louisiana? Well, the Bayou State fell in the middle of the entire list. While they don't drink the most out of all of America's states, they certainly don't drink the least either.

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