The bar promises this new brew is alcohol-free.

Doesn't it seem weird that our dogs would be drinking anything but water? Is it just me? I mean, beer isn't really something humans should be drinking. I'm someone who doesn't allow my dog to eat "human food" so hearing about a dog-friendly beer seems unnecessary and a little dangerous, but here we are.

It's Good Boy Dog Beer.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Steve and Megan Long are the mad scientists behind the brew. They own Henderson Heights in downtown Houston. It started with a chicken-flavored drink called Mailman Malt Licker. They made this concoction when their dog Rocky was having digestive issues. After cooking it up at home, they found a friend's house where they could brew more and then found a place that would can it. They have now expanded to a pork-based IPA Lot in the Yard, and a vegetable-based Session... squirrel!

None of the dog-friendly drinks have alcohol in them.

What they do have is chicken, turmeric, carrots, basil, ginger and fennel. Sounds like something I would drink if I was feeling under the weather. From a few cans being sold at their bar, the Longs now have 15 different bars selling their product around the state of Texas. They even have orders coming in from around the country.

They way they see it, "Who wouldn't want to share a beer with their dog?"

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