(MURFREESBORO, Ark.) —Melissa and Kenny Oliver of Rosston, Arkansas, enjoy the adventure of treasure hunting, so they make regular visits to the Crater of Diamonds State Park to prospect at Arkansas’s diamond site.  On Sunday afternoon the couple found a flawless, 2.44-carat white diamond at the park.  Due of the gem’s silver white color, and because it was discovered during the weekend of a full moon “supermoon” event, the couple named their diamond the Silver Moon.

     According to Park Interpreter Margi Jenks, “The Oliver’s white diamond is triangular-shape and has a frosted appearance, like an ice cube.  It’s a very beautiful gem.”  She said, “Every one of us saw the supermoon including the Olivers, so the word ‘moon’ came to Mrs. Oliver’s mind immediately when she first saw the diamond.  After that, it was just a matter of finding the perfect name for their silver white diamond which appears to be flawless.”  Jenks continued, “The name Supermoon diamond didn’t quite fit.  Then, I mentioned ‘How about Silver Moon diamond?’ and that stuck.” 

     Melissa and Kenny Oliver and their 2.44-carat Silver Moon diamondShe noted that the Oliver’s diamond came from the search area’s East Drain where major excavation work was done by heavy equipment in October.  A contractor with heavy equipment was hired to move that particular low area about 100 yards west to reveal previously unsearched soil.  And, the excavated material was spread over a broad area to provide park visitors with easier access to it, as well.”  Jenks emphasized, “By that work, we set the stage for more diamond finds in the East Drain area.”

     The Oliver’s discovered their diamond, which they plan to keep, while wet screening material from the East Drain. 

     Jenks noted that the 2.44-carat Silver Moon diamond is very similar to the 1.31-carat Silver Bullet diamond that was found last year by David Johnson of Murfreesboro.  The Silver Moon is the largest of four diamonds weighing over one carat that have been found at the park over the last 10 days.  The other three diamonds were discovered while their finders were surface searching, which according to park staff has been a very successful search technique recently at the park.