Now you understand why this park in Arkansas is on my bucket list.

When my husband and I moved to this area, I googled things to do. Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas was one of the first activities that popped up. Of course he snickered and rolled his eyes when I told him I wanted to go.

Now he's singing a different tune.

According to a statement from the park on their website, a father and daughter duo visited the park and were able to find a 2.03 carat diamond, uncut, within an hour. Dan Frederick and his daughter Lauren are from Renton, Washington and found Crater of Diamonds on the Internet (this is starting to sound familiar).

The diamond has been deemed "The Lucky Diamond."

Honestly, this is the best daddy-daughter bonding trip I have ever heard of. The rule at the park is that you get to keep whatever you find and this is quite the find. The best time to go is after a rain when the top layer of dirt has been washed away. It also helps if the sun is shining because it will cause those diamonds to sparkle with that metallic shine.

See more photos here.


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