We see all kinds of statistics thrown at us constantly, but if you really want to know where people are moving, maybe you should talk to the people who rent the trucks. We did, and Arkansas made a huge jump last year as a moving destination in the US over 2022. 

What Are The Top States?

These shouldn't really be a shock to anyone who pays a little attention to what's happening with economic freedom, job growth, ease of starting a business, etc. But according to the U-Haul report issued on January 2, 2024, here are your top 10 moving destinations: (The number in parentheses is the state's place in the 2022 report.)

10. Virginia (5)
9. Colorado (11)
8. Arizona (7)
7. Washington (23)
6. Idaho (10)
5. Tennesee (6)
4. South Carolina (3)
3. North Carolina (4)
2. Florida (2)
1. Texas (1)

Family unloads - Canva
Family unloads - Canva

Who's On the Bottom?

Again, no big surprises here:

46. Michigan (48)
47. New Jersey (45)
48. Illinois (49)
49. Massachusetts (47)
50. California (50)

Cali is dead last for the fourth year in a row.

Empty Truck - Canva
Empty Truck - Canva

What About Arkansas?

Yeah, yeah, it's coming... Our source is the list published by U-Haul every year, and 2023 was a huge increase for the Great State of Arkansas, rising from near the bottom of the list at #43 in 2022, up to #17 in 2023. That puts Arkansas in what the moving business calls a Top 20 Growth State.

According to the report, the top two growing cities in the Natural State are Springdale and Fayetteville. Also included in the notable net-gain cities in Arkansas are Bentonville, Centerton, Hot Springs Village, Hot Springs, Mountain Home, Harrisonville, Russellville, and Mena.

Way to go Arkansas!

If you would like to see where all the states fall on the chart, click here.

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