The Ashdown Junior High and Ashdown Varsity Cheerleader Teams held the National Cheerleading Association Cheer Camp at the Helen Parker Gymnasium on July 20-22.

This year of cheer camp was very different from years past as only our Ashdown cheer teams participated in the camp held at Ashdown in order to comply with COVID-19 AAA rules.  While different, some things were the same.  The squads practiced and performed a band chant and cheer for evaluations.

The AHS Varsity Cheerleaders received:  Superior level final evaluations for band chant, cheer, and chant.

All American nominees were: Kaylee Welborn, Chloe Young, Sara Huddleston, Amy Newton, Ansleigh Patrick, Emma Wrinkle, Allison Garner, Railee Schmidt, Chevi Flournoy, and Aly Mills

Sara Huddleston, Emma Wrinkle, Aly Mills, Chloe Young, and Railee Schmidt were named All-American team members.

Team top jumpers: While Chevi Flournoy and Aly Mills were named Team Top Jumpers and Allison Garner was named Team Top Tumbler

According to AHS Cheer Coach Brittany Crow, “With COVID-19 regulations, the camp looked a lot different this year.  Beyond the extra cleaning, wearing face masks, staying spread out, and screening participants, we usually have several schools from the area participate and there’s a big final day competition.   Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do that this year.  We also were not able to stunt per AAA regulations.  Regardless, we had a great week.

The girls adjusted well and worked just as hard as if it were a normal camp.  I’m so proud of the way they’ve handled all the changes and have continued to push themselves with what we can work on.  This is a special group of girls and I’m excited to show everyone what we’ve got this year.