The Ashdown High School Purple Pride Marching Band marched at the Showcase of Bands Marching Contest held at War Memorial Stadium on Saturday, October 12.  The band performed a show featuring the music of Queen, which included Crazy Little Thing Called Love, We Will Rock You, and Bohemian Rhapsody.


According to a press release, the band received all first division ratings at the Showcase Marching Contest (percussion, colorguard, drum major and band).  They also received Outstanding Colorguard (Class 4A), Outstanding Musical Performance (Class 4A), Outstanding General Effect (Class 4A), Outstanding Marching (Class 4A) and Outstanding Band for Class 3A-4A

Director Mark Pounds also received his 7th Brandon Award given in memory of Raymond and Ruth Brandon.  This award was given to the director for the best musical performance of the day for Class 2A - 4A.  He received the first one given at the contest in 2003.  Mr. Pounds said, “I am proud of our PPMB, I didn’t play a single note, march a spot, or spin a flag, but the young folks in this great group sure did!"

The band is assisted by Tim Avery and Nick Palmissano.