Well, Barbra Walters has come out with her Most Fascinating People of the Year list. I don't know about this one, more like strange! The show will air December 14th on ABC. Eight out of the ten on the list were released. We'll have to wait to see who is number 1 and who the other one is when the show airs.

Making the list? The Kardashians, because ABC News explained they are American Reality Royalty. What? Hey, I admit that I watch some of the shows but most fascinating?

Also on the list pop singer Kat Perry, Simon Cowell (hasn't he already been on the list before?), Donald Trump, New York Yankees infielder/captain Derek Jeter, from Modern Family” Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet and Pippa Middleton.

Who do you think should have been on this list?

via Barbara Walters annual ‘Fascinating People’ special includes Kardashians, Simon Cowell, Pippa Middleton - The TV Column - The Washington Post.