I wonder if Kylee knew just what an impact her life would make on so many people? It sure changed mine. Please vote for the Kylee Sullivan Dog Park.

We are currently in 1st place, but we need your help to keep that lead! Please share this with your friends and family and ask them to vote too! Only a few weeks left to vote for the Kylee Sullivan Dog Park-today we can get 7 extra votes (9 total). If we win this $100,000 grant from PetSafe, Kylee's love for animals will always be remembered.  Please vote. It seriously takes less than 2 minutes! Thanks!

Happy Friday!


First things first, go to this link and log in to your Bark for Your Park account and vote for Texarkana, TX:

After you vote, it will give you the option to vote on Facebook too. Please click that link and vote there too.

Then head to this link to get the 7 extra votes. When the pop up question comes up, the answer is C. Then click "Vote" again to get our extra votes. (Make sure you are still logged into the Bark for your Park page or the pop up won't work)

Thank you for doing this! Much love! Kendra




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