Please take a second to vote today, your vote can get us 9 extra votes! We need those extra votes to get us into 1st place! This picture is Kylee Sullivan. She lost her life in the Albert Pike flooding. She was a precious little girl who loved animals with all her heart. She would save all her money to give to rescues to ensure that every animal could find a home. We want to win this $100,000 grant from Petsafe and build this dog park at Spring Lake Park in her memory. Can you help us? You can? AWESOME!

Start by following the links below and voting and answering their secret question (link below). That will get us 9 votes. THEN please share this blog with your Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon and whatever social media you use. We really need some help with this, we are in second place but you could get us to 1st! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Make sure you sign into your Petsafe account at

Then click the link below and when the pop up comes up, the answer is D. That will get us 7 more votes.

Plus you can vote once on Facebook, here is the link to that:

If you are on iPhone, you need this link:

Bark for Your Park/Facebook


Thank you again! Have a wonderful weekend!