Every Friday, Petsafe posts a clue to get 7 extra votes in the Bark for Your Park contest. Here is the info, please take a second and get us 9 votes today (2 regular votes, 7 extra votes).  

It's time for this week's 7 vote sniff out. Here is the clue: After a day at the dog park, your dog will be extra thirsty. These PetSafe porcelain products ensure your pets have filtered, free flowing water."

Here is the link to the clue, just click it and a pop up will come up asking you a question. The answer is: D all of the above


You can also use these links to vote, once on their website and once on Facebook! Use them daily to vote twice each day.

Dog Park Vote 1)http://www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark/city/17869/texarkana-tx/

Dog Park Vote 2)https://www.facebook.com/PetSafeBrand/app_321086731284099

If you are on iPhone, link 2 won’t work. You need this link:

iPhone link: http://www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark/fb/?id=17869


Thank you for taking the time to vote each and every day!

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