Great just when you thought you were safe, here comes the latest scam! This one has to do with your cell phone! If you get a call from an unknown number and it only rings once...

DO NOT CALL IT BACK! The number will look like a local number too! Please watch out for this! There are reports that this scam is coming out of the Caribbean. Scammers have set up a computer to call thousands of random cell phone numbers then ring once.

According to the Consumerist website, the scam comes when you think you missed an important call but don't know who it could be.  They are counting on your curiosity. Well, you know that's what killed the cat! It'll kill your phone bill too! When you call back the number, it's really an international number. So Bam! That's aromatically a $19.95 fee to connect. Then it's $9 for every minute. Even if you hang up after a couple of seconds you are still charged for that first minute. Bang! You're charged almost $30!

Please don't fall for this!! If someone you know calls you from an unknown number and it is important ...they will leave a message!

Stay safe!

Update 1/31/2014  8:37 a.m.

Wondering how this can happen? WSMV News in Nashville, Tennessee reports:

The practice of third parties placing unauthorized charges on wireless accounts is called “cramming.” The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have reviewed thousands of complaints about the practice, and expect the problem to grow.

When cell phone owners call back, they are connected to a paid international adult entertainment service or chat line located outside the country.


WBAL-TV in Baltimore reports:

Officials said the scammers in this case make their money when a victim pays their cellphone bill. The cellphone company then unknowingly pays out the per-minute charges to a bogus company.  That's why the BBB said it's important for users to report the calls immediately.

These bogus companies are able to bypass the consumer protection laws by using these international numbers and charging the fees to your cell phone bill .  The Better Business Bureau in other states are reporting that some people once they are connected will hear music playing in the back ground. If you gotten one of these calls please call your cell phone carrier immediately!


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