If you've ever had a cat then you know just how much they love boxes. This video proves to us that big cats can't resist a cardboard box either.

I'm not sure way cats are so fascinated with boxes, but it is funny. They just can't resist them. I can bring a box home and put in on floor and within a couple of minutes my cats are checking it out and jumping in and out of it. No need to ever buy a cat an expensive pet bed, just get a box. Any size box and your cat will love it.

I think it is so wild that big cats have the same assassination with boxes. This video shows lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats and other types of big cats discovering cardboard boxes for the first time. The only difference I see between these big cats and my cats is, my cats jump into the boxes and these big cats just trample through the side of the boxes. Oh and they seem to chew the boxes more then my cats, but then again their teeth are bigger!