The Bowie County Sheriffs Report is out for another week. Chief Deputy Robby McCarver prepares this report on Bowie County Sheriff activities for the prior week, this is the report for the week of 7/26 - 8/1, 2021:


Credit or Debit Card Abuse-Deer Ridge Drive Texarkana

Burglary of a Building-County Road 2111 Hooks, taken: 42” JVC television (unknown serial number)

Warrant Service (Fleeing)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Khavory Buchanan

Warrant Service (Theft Under $2500 x2, hold for other Agency)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Stephanie Denise Turner


Death Investigation-Private Road 11081 Maud

Attempted Suicide-County Road 4244 Dekalb


Assault Causing Bodily Injury (family violence)-Parkway Drive Texarkana, arrested: Jason Ronald Akridge

Theft Over $750 and under $2500-Goff Lane Texarkana, taken: Troy Bilt brand riding mower (46” cut, grey in color)

Estray Livestock-County Road 1120 Maud

Assault Causing Bodily Injury (family violence)-Maple Street Texarkana

Burglary of a Building and Theft Over $2500 but under $30,000-State Highway 8s Maud, taken: three pitching machines, copper wiring

Death Investigation-County Road 1304 Wake Village

Warrant Service (Fail to Appear for Theft Under $2500 x2)-U.S. Highway 59s Texarkana, arrested: Jerome Edward Washington

Warrant Service (Probation Violation for Theft Over $100 and Under $750 and Probation Violation for Assault)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Eric Lamar Murphy

Warrant Service (Bond Surrender for Possession of a Controlled Substance)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana arrested: Takary Jermaine Wright


Theft Over $100 and Under $750-Rose of Sharon Street Texarkana, taken: $600 in U.S. Currency

Theft Under $100-Broadway Street Maud, taken: 5 soft drinks

Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle-Farm to Market Road 1840 Dekalb, recovered: 2019 Toyota Corolla (black in color)

Family Disturbance-WW Drive Texarkana


Death Investigation-U.S. Highway 59s Texarkana

Prohibited Substance in a Correctional Facility-West Front Street Texarkana

Warrant Service (Arson)-North State Line Avenue, arrested: Tyler Joseph Mooney


Possession of a Controlled Substance (methamphetamine) Under 1 Gram-U.S. Highway 59s Texarkana, arrested: Lori Ann Dickerson


Assault Causing Bodily Injury (family violence)-Eylau Loop Road Texarkana


11 People Arrested by BCSO
38 People Arrested by Other Law Enforcement Agencies and Turned to BCSO
31/23 Civil Papers Cleared/Served by BCSO


81 Inmates Transported to Court
7 Inmates Transported to the Texas Department of Corrections
7 Inmates Transported for Medical Treatment
7 Inmates Transported for Other Reasons

102 Total Number of Persons Transported (Except Arrests by BCSO)

3,793 Total number of Miles Driven for Above Listed Transports

Possession of a Controlled Substance (methamphetamine) under 1 Gram-South Lake Drive Texarkana

Assault on a Public Servant-North State Line Avenue Texarkana

Possession of a Controlled Substance (methamphetamine) Over 1 Gram and Under 4 Grams-North Jarvis Parkway @ W.7th Street Texarkana, arrested: Roy Lynn Green

Warrant Service (Forgery x2 out of AR and Felony Theft out of AR)-Joe Tyl Road Texarkana, arrested: Amber Nicole Jones

Warrant Service (Probation Violation for Possession of a Controlled Substance x2)-South Lake Drive Texarkana, arrested: Jimmy Randall McCullough

Warrant Service (Parole Violation for Possession of a Controlled Substance)-South Lake Drive Texarkana, arrested: David Aaron Muckelvane

Warrant Service (Probation Violation for Filing False out of AR, Probation Violation for Forgery out of AR, Parole Violation out of AR)-South Lake Drive Texarkana, arrested: Reveina Lynn George

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