Each week the Bowie County Sheriffs Office's Cheif Deputy Jeff Neal sends out a report on Bowie County Sheriffs activities, here is the report for the of August 12 - 18, 2019:

From the report filed on USPDHub.com:


Sexual Assault – DeKalb

Harassment – County Road 1111 Maud

Recovered Stolen Firearm – Private Road 13260 Texarkana

Recovered Stolen Motorcycle – Farm to Market 2148 South Texarkana


Death Investigation – Farm to Market 114 DeKalb

Possession of a Controlled Substance Over One Gram and Under Four Grams/Possession of Marijuana Under Two Ounces/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – West 7th Texarkana, arrested: Zachary Jordan Clark

Theft of a Firearm – Highland Villa Texarkana, taken: a handgun, a checkbook, three cellular phones, a vacuum cleaner and a battery pack

Assault with Bodily Injury – Clara Sorsby Road Texarkana

Possession of Marijuana Under Two Ounces – County Road 1001 New Boston, arrested: Deundre Smith

Burglary of a Habitation – Farm to Market 1840 New Boston, taken: a computer

Harassment – Garden Road Hooks

Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle – County Road 4116 Simms, taken: a black and blue 2017 Polaris Ranger

Evading Arrest with a Vehicle/Warrant Service – West 7th Street Texarkana, arrested: Elmer Beard Sr.

Sexual Assault – Unknown address in Simms

Possession of a Controlled Substance Over One Gram and Under Four Grams – Walker Lane Texarkana

Delivery of a Controlled Substance Over Four Grams and Under 200 Grams – Private Road 13561 Texarkana, arrested: Jessica Stotts


Assault with Bodily Injury – Farm to Market 2516 Texarkana


Harassment – Highway 59 Texarkana

Assault with Bodily Injury – Collins Road Texarkana

Deadly Conduct – Thomas Hill Road Hooks

Assault with Bodily Injury – Linda Lane Texarkana

Prohibited Substance in a Correctional Facility – West Front Street Texarkana

Terroristic Threat – County Road 1116 Maud

Driving While Intoxicated – Farm to Market 3098 Redwater, arrested: Maxine Bailey Walraven

Death Investigation – Beaver Lake Drive Texarkana

Burglary of a Habitation – Farm to Market 2624 Maud


Unauthorized Absence from a Community Correctional Facility/Evading Arrest/Warrant Service – Plaza West Texarkana, arrested: Amanda Lynn Snyder

Fire Scene Report – Interstate 30 Hooks

Interference with Child Custody – Garden Road Hooks

Theft Over $100 and Under $750 – South Lake Drive Texarkana, taken: a game system, 20 games, a headset, two phone charges, a portable charger and a social security card


Assault by Contact – Farm to Market 2148 South Texarkana

Theft Over $30,000 and Under $150,000 – County Road 3005 New Boston, taken: a John Deere tractor, a white 2006 Ford F450 truck, a John Deere Bailer and a 20 foot flatbed gooseneck trailer

Hindering Apprehension – Knottingham Texarkana, arrested: Meagan Dawn Heinrich

Possession of a Controlled Substance Over Four Grams and Under 200 Grams – Hoot Plant Road Texarkana, arrested: Adam Christopher Sutton

Estray Livestock – Loop 151 Texarkana (owner located)


Assault with Bodily Injury – Collins Road Texarkana

Possession of a Controlled Substance Under One Gram – North State Line Texarkana, arrested: Larry James Burns

Theft Under $100 – Highway 67 Simms, taken: an air mattress

Hindering Apprehension – Giles Lane Texarkana, arrested: Randy James Fox

Assault with Bodily Injury – Willow Ridge Texarkana

25 People Arrested by BCSO
44 People Arrested by Other Law Enforcement Agencies and turned to BCSO
47 Civil Papers Served, 16 cleared by BCSO


72 Inmates transported to Court
11 Inmates transported to the Texas Department of Corrections
5 Inmates transported for Medical Treatment
13 Inmates transported for other reasons

101 Total number of persons transported by BCSO (excluding arrest by BCSO)

2,524 Total miles driven for above-listed transports


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