As we get older most of us begin to ponder our mortality. Would you rather be buried or would you prefer to be cremated?



Making this decision depends a lot on what your religious beliefs are and many people have their own opinions about this. Talking about death to loved ones has never been a comfortable conversation still many Arkansas funeral directors are having to answer more questions about cremation than ever before because of how popular it has become.


But perhaps one of the biggest questions asked is, Is it legal to scatter my loved one's ashes or pet’s ashes anywhere in Arkansas, and if so, what type of urn or container do I need?

According to the website, there are very few restrictions for allowing families to scatter ashes in the state. Many families may choose to scatter the ashes of their loved one at a place they requested or a place that was special to that person and family during their lifetime. Spreading someone's ashes is a way of memorializing that person's life and can be very personal to the person scattering the ashes.


Furthermore, in Arkansas, ashes can be kept in a grave, niche, crypt, urn, or other container of your choice

Arkansas is known for its natural beauty and makes for a great place to scatter someone's ashes but keep in mind while there are not many restrictions there are some laws that may prevent you from doing that.

Let's take a look.

Private Property

If you want to scatter a loved one's ashes on private property, you need to get written permission from the person who owns the land before you are allowed to do so.

In Your Yard

There are no laws that prevent you from scattering ashes in your backyard or on the property you own.

Public Property

It's always best to check with the local city, county, and government officials to make sure there are no rules or regulations.

Federal Land - National Parks

Arkansas is home to several National Parks but most parks require a permit to scatter ashes and obtaining a permit to scatter ashes could take several weeks or months to get one, it is best to reach out to the park office to see if it's allowed there.

Scattered Ashes by Air

Many folks may want to scatter their loved ones's ashes in the air from a plane, while there are no laws that prohibit this you must have a certified urn or container to drop the ashes from. Dropping the urn or container is strictly prohibited by the FAA.

Scattered  Ashes in Gardens

Many churches and cemeteries now offer scattering gardens where people are allowed to scatter their loved one's ashes. Check with a funeral director or with a local church.

Scattered Ashes on the Water

Water burials are becoming more popular but keep in mind the Federal Clean Act requires that anyone who chooses to scatter ashes over the water must be done at least 3 miles from the shore and that the EPA must be notified at least 30 days in advance. A new biodegradable Eco Water Urn is something you want to think about.

With the rising cost of funeral expenses, cremation is an alternative way to save some money and still honor your loved one. Losing someone you love is never easy but knowing their wishes in a living will or having a tough conversation about mortality might just ease your burden just a little when that time comes.

So whether you choose to do the traditional burial or cremation I hope this helps in learning about cremation in Arkansas.

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