Many of you will be celebrating Easter Sunday with family and friends this weekend. What better way to have a little fun than with Cascarones-confetti-filled eggs.

It's a custom that dates back to China decades ago, but has been celebrated for years by the Hispanic culture, since the 1800s.  However, over the years it has spread into a worldwide festivity that Americans embrace today. The word cascarones, comes from the Spanish word cascarone or cascara which means "egg shell."As a child, I can remember making cascarones and couldn't wait until Easter to crack one over a family member or friend. The looks on their face was always worth the wait. Making cascarones may take a little extra time, effort and a little mess, but it's certainly well worth it for some Easter fun.

How to make Cascarones:

First, remove the egg from the shell by poking a small pinhole in the bottom of the egg and replace the yoke with colorful confetti. So as to not waste the egg you can use the drained eggs to make breakfast, other desserts or tasty treats for the Easter.

According to the website The Austin Times you can learn more about its origin, purpose, symbolism and use. You may be surprised to learn about its religious meaning and the good luck it could bring you. See how to make a Cascarone step by step with pictures HERE.

Believe me when I say that your kids will enjoy making these eggs, enjoy getting them in their Easter basket and enjoy cracking the confetti-filled shells on unsuspecting friends. However, I don't recommend you doing this indoors unless you like cleaning up the mess.

Please watch this videos to see how to make cascarones.

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