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Where is Mario?
Tonya Ethridge is our winner! She guessed the correct locations of all the "Where is Mario?" videos. Now, it's time to reveal to you the seven locations where the videos were filmed in Texarkana.
Top 5 Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is February 14 and many people will say it's a day that has become too commercialized and we've forgotten the true message of what this day represents. Whether you agree with me or not, Valentine's Day is a day set aside once a year to show your significant other how much you love an…
Mario's Weekend Movie Roundup
There are two new movies in theaters this weekend you might want to see. The first is a disaster movie with an apocalypse theme about an invasion by aliens bent on destroying Earth. The second movie is a comedy that will have you falling out of your seats with laughter. Grab the popcorn and I'l…

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