The fall season brings on the hunting season but if you are not an avid hunter getting to the backwoods of Arkansas especially in NW Arkansas can be an adventure in itself for some of the best Elk viewing in the state.

There are 315,000 acres in Northwest Arkansas near the Buffalo National River where these majestic beasts roam and graze in open areas and rest in the nearby Ozark forests. One of the most popular places for viewing the elk, resides in Boxley Valley on Hwy AR 43 and Hwy AR 21, it's best you get there early on the weekends in order to get a good look at these animals as they are grazing. September and October are also mating seasons and the biggest percentage of the elk are born in early June. And for the record,  each year, bulls shed their antlers and it takes about 180 days for them to grow a new rack.

According to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, dawn and dusk are the best times for viewing. In nearby Ponca, visitors can stay in a cabin or camp surrounded by the beauty of the wooded forests with its changing fall colors, this makes for one unforgettable experience. Want to step out of your car to view the elk? No problem, there are turnouts where you can park your vehicle and view the elk in their natural habitat. The nearby Ponca Elk Education Center is a great place to visit for interactive displays, exhibits, artifacts, elk mounts, and to get elk updates.

Primitive camping is also available at Gene Rush Wildlife Management Area. Wildlife Management warns visitors to keep in mind that elk are wild animals and are very strong and unpredictable. All visitors must maintain a safe distance from the elk and beware of hunters in the area. Another great place to visit is the Hilary Jones Wildlife Museum in Jasper, Arkansas.

So, whether you are hunting or viewing be mindful and respectful of these beautiful animals during this awesome time of the season.

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