When I think about caves I automatically think of the bat cave in the movie Batman. But did you know there many caves right here in Arkansas to explore and several of them are just a stones throw away from Texarkana.There is nothing like getting out of the sweltering heat and cooling off in one of natures cave. Of course, if you are claustrophobic it may not be the ideal vacation for you but I highly recommend you try it out at least once. It's quiet the experience!

A recent news release from the U.S. Forest Service has caused concern for some travelers. The report on white-nose syndrome in bats included an extension of a closure order for all caves and mines on Forest Service lands until 2019. However, the closures don’t have any bearing on Arkansas’s show caves, which are not located in Forest Service areas.

“While the Forest Service has found sources in the state, they haven’t been found here. We have 100,000 bats in our cave and they’re all doing well. All show caves are open, across the state and across the country, and we are good stewards of our caves and our bats.” says Dennis Boyer of War Eagle Caverns.

Eight properties around the state offer a chance to see the underside of the surface. These show caves are open for tours for individuals or groups, and because they’re subterranean, they’re cooler than what you’ll find outside in the sun.

If you go, consider taking a light jacket; the temperature difference between summer’s heat and cave cool can be considerable. For more information, check out arkansas.com/places-to-go/caves-caverns.

Here’s a list of Arkansas’s show caves.

BLANCHARD SPRINGS CAVERNS, P.O. Box 1279, Mountain View, AR. Call 888-757-2246 (toll free) or 870-757-2211. blanchardsprings.org

BULL SHOALS CAVERNS, P.O. Box 444, Bull Shoals, AR.(Next to Mountain Village 1890 attraction). Call 870-445-7177, bullshoalscaverns.com

COSMIC CAVERN, Rt. 4, Box 392, Berryville, AR. Call 870-749-2298, cosmiccavern.com

HURRICANE RIVER CAVE, P.O. Box 240, Highway 65, Pindall, AR. Call 870-429-6200, hurricanerivercaverns.com

MYSTIC CAVERNS/CRYSTAL DOME, P.O. Box 13, Marble Falls, AR. Call 888-743-1739, Mysticcaverns.com

OLD SPANISH TREASURE CAVE, 14290 North Highway 59, Sulphur Springs, AR, Call 479-787-6508, spanish-treasure-cave.com

ONYX CAVE, 338 Onyx Cave Lane, Eureka Springs, AR. Call 479-253-9321, onyxcaveeurekasprings.com

WAR EAGLE CAVERN, 21494 Cavern Drive, Rogers, AR. Call  479-789-2909, wareaglecavern.com

Whatever you choose to do this summer Arkansas is a great vacation anytime vacation.

(Source:Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism)



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