National Pie Day is Tuesday, Jan. 23, how will you be celebrating with a homemade made-from-scratch pie or a store bought frozen pie?

Researchers from the website NationalToday revealed that only 1 and 4 Americans make their pies from scratch.

  • 45 percent buy it from the store
  • 30 percent buy the crust and make the filling

America's Top Store-bought brands are Sara Lee 30 percent, Marie Callenders 23 percent, and Mrs. Smith 18 percent. What would America be like without these popular flavors, Apple Pie 19 percent, Pumpkin 17 percent, and believe it or not chocolate came in third at 16 percent.

Did you know that we make such a big deal about Apple Pie being such an American tradition, but history shows it actually came to the states compliments of the Dutch. Of course, there's always been the argument which do you prefer cake or pie? I have to say, personally as much as I like cake, there is still something special about a pie. The flaky crust, the fillings, I mean so much love goes into trying to make that perfect pie.

By the way, Thanksgiving seems to be the holiday that several varieties of pie are most served. So let me tell you my favorite made-from-scratch homemade pie is chocolate and my favorite frozen pie is Mrs. Smith pecan pie. Awesomely delicious!

So this National Pie Day enjoy a slice of your favorite pie and rock out with the song "Cherry Pie" from the band, Warrant.


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