Do you like Pizza? Well, circle the date Friday, Feb. 9, 2018, because it will be National Pizza Day.

Researchers at National Today—asked 1,000 Americans their opinions around everyone’s favorite food. Only two percent of Americans dislike the much celebrated Pizza pie. 98 percent of Americans say they like it, and one and three Americans eat it at least once per week.

How do you like your pizza? Only 10 percent of Americans like pineapple on their pizza and with so many pizza toppings available out there to choose from, American's favorites are pepperoni 35 percent, sausage 13 percent, bacon 11 percent, pineapple 10 percent and mushrooms 10 percent.

How many slices do Americans love to eat? Survey said, only three percent stop at one slice, while 42 percent of people surveyed said they eat three, 25 percent always eat four or more. And get this, 22 percent of them said they can an entire pizza by themselves.

Out of the Oven Pepperoni Pizza

Who do you think are some of America's favorite national brand chains?

#1: Pizza Hut (30%)
#2: Papa John's (22%)
#3: Domino's (20%)
#4: Little Caesars (11%)
#5: Papa Murphy's (4%)

Pizza has become even more popular because of a scene in the TV show Breaking Bad.

So America grab a slice of piping hot pizza on National Pizza Day Feb. 9!

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