Chris Cagle Music

Chris Cagle has been announced as the featured entertainer for the 3rd annual Stateline Stampede Cattle Baron's Ball 'Wranglers and Roses' to benefit the American Cancer Society on Saturday, September 26 at the Four States Fairgrounds Entertainment Center. Cagle has already garnered two gold albums, two Number 1 albums and 12 singles that hit the country music chart. This DeRidder, La., country boy who now makes his home in Oklahoma, has always pursued his lifelong dream of writing and singing country music.

In 2000 when Cagle signed his record deal with Virgin Records he quickly rose to the top of the charts with his first number one single "I Breathe In, I Breath Out," which still remains a fan favorite today. As a matter fact, in a recent concert, Cagle broke down on stage when the entire audience started singing the song back to him. Cagle had been going through some tough times.

In 2002, Cagle carved his way on to the country music charts with Top 5 hits such as "Chicks Dig It," and "What a Beautiful Day." Other hits from previously albums included "Miss Me Baby," and "What Kinda Gone."

According to his website, the professional success and sales were gratifying but his personal life blistered under the spotlight. “I was tired of who I was in this business,” Cagle said. “I had become somebody who I didn’t want to be.” He bowed out and retreated to his homestead in Oklahoma, a place where he could distance himself from the industry, reconnect with his roots and take back control of his life. He also met his wife Kay, who he describes in the song “Let There Be Cowgirls."

Something you can’t tame/She’s a mustang/ The heartbeat of the heartland.’ “The worst days we’ve had together are better than the best I’ve had with other people,” Chris says. He also found a new identity as a father. On the birth of his daughter in 2010, Chris says “she made me want to be better at everything. Period. I’ve never cared enough about myself to take responsibility for my faults; she made me man right up.”

In 2012, Cagle released a new album appropriately named "Back In The Saddle" which showcased his creative side and his rock-infused country roots. The single "Got My Country On" became Cagle's first top 20 hit since "What Kinda Gone" and the second single was another country rockin' tune called "Let There Be Cowgirls."

When Chris is not on stage performing, he's doing what he loves to do, raising cutting horses on his big horse ranch in Marietta, Okla., with his family.

Tickets for the Cattle Baron's Ball go on sale August 27  at Cavender's Boot City, Rockin WH Ranch Feed Store, Crockers Jewelers, and Gray's Jewelers and on their website.