CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System recently enhanced the health care imaging experience for patients by being the first and only health care facility in the region to install and offer the Canon Medical Systems' Aquilion One/Genesis Edition Computed Tomography (CT) machine.


According to a recent press release, the new CT system will save valuable time through faster exams while also significantly reducing radiation doses for patient safety. Ideal for numerous life-threatening conditions like heart disease and stroke, the system offers clinicians incredibly clear images while dramatically reducing radiation exposure to the patient. With its advanced 3D technology, images are almost immediately available for physician review.


 “With this machine, CHRISTUS St. Michael has expanded its capabilities,” said Joseph Robbins, M.D., FACR, Radiology Consultants. “This generation of equipment can perform whole brain perfusion imaging to evaluate stroke, image the entire heart circulation in one heartbeat, and dual energy body imaging that can even determine chemical composition for kidney stones so that they can be better treated.” “This is really the ‘Cadillac of CT Machines,” said Tony Windham, B.S.R.T., RT (R)(CT)at CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System. “The Aquilion ONE scans thin and quickly, in high volume and high resolution. It results in a larger image, excellent image quality in a shorter time and decreased radiation dosage for the patient.”

CHRISTUS St. Michael is proud to be the only facility in all of Northeast Texas with this system,” said Jason Rounds, President at CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System. “It’s exciting that we are able to provide our community such technology through our investments and to be able to offer our patients some of the most recent developments in CT imaging.”


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