Due to the ever-changing status of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cinemark has had to reschedule or delay its openings in many cities including Texarkana. Good news! It now appears that Cinemark Texarkana plans to reopen on Friday, August 21.

That's according to the website Cinemark Texarkana 14. This is part of the reopening phase that has been ongoing over the past couple of weeks in several cities. However, the only movie slated at this time is Unhinged starring Russell Crowe. I'm sure more will be added soon but it may take a while for things to ramp back up and run smoothly. So, be patient!

Cinemark CEO Mark Zoradi recently shared a video explaining the movie-goers experience will be completely different as Cinemark has taken all the necessary steps, guidelines, and safety protocols to ensure that all visitors will be healthy and safe while setting foot in their theaters.

Each theatre will also have a designated Chief Clean and Safety Monitor on duty to ensure the highest standards of safety, physical distancing, cleanliness, and sanitization. It was earlier stated that no masks would be required but because of the latest mandates and guidelines handed down by the Governor, masks will be now required in the theater.

Remember, Cinemark will continue to pay close attention to the status of the virus, local mandates, and availability of new content while prioritizing the health and safety of their guests, employees, and communities.

Visit their Facebook page or website for updates and movie information.

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