What would you do for a 15% raise? Would you get inked for your company? That's what Rapid Realty in New York is offering it's employees.

The owner, Anthony Lolli got the idea when one of his employees got the company logo tattooed out of loyalty to his employer. Anthony wanted to repay his loyalty, so he gave him a raise.

Now that offer is for all his employees and it doesn't matter what size or where the tat is. You get inked with the logo, you get the raise! So far, 40 employees have been inked! Oh, and the boss is paying for the tats!

Would you get inked for your company? O.K. Don't tell our boss, but our tats are taped on...does that count?

via NYC Realtor Offers Employees Pay Raise For Getting Inked With Company Logo « CBS New York.