What sports team does Darius Rucker have tattooed on his body?

Miami Dolphins/Facebook

Yep, the Miami Dolphins! It's his favorite sports team and he means it!

Tattoos have been a controversial topic around my house as of late. I own a restaurant in the town where I live and several of my employees have visible tattoos. I, myself, have two tattoos (that you can only see if I decide to show you) so I didn't think anything of hiring these young adults because of their tats. I was only concerned with their skill sets, attitudes, work experience etc. Recently, a (now former) customer of mine stopped me around town (Gurdon) to tell me that he would not eat at my restaurant any longer because of my employees and their tattoos. You know me, I'm always a happy person but after that conversation I was LIVID. Did they make your food wrong? Were they rude to you? Those are reasons for complaint, not because someone chose to express themselves through body art. Ridiculous.

My intention with this blog was not to offend, but to hopefully open the eyes of those that have previously judged those with tats. Tattoos are no longer taboo in our society, it's 2013 and it's time people moved on from this form of discrimination.

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With much love to those tatted and not tatted,

:) Kendra