Rumor has it Taylor Swift is back in Nashville. Is she teaming up with old partners too?

It seems like Taylor Swift has taken a page out of her bestie Ed Sheeran's playbook and is staying off of social media. This hiatus isn't uncommon for her. We saw the same thing when she was working on the record-breaking 1989 album. Although we aren't entirely positive what she is working on, we have hear numerous rumors that she is in Nashville during this time and supposedly working on a new album.

Is she going back to country?

Obviously the country genre runs that Nashville scene and it is the same place where she wrote her first album. According to Billboard, she worked with a veteran songwriter in Music City on some of our favorite tunes from her like Teardrops on My Guitar, White Horse and You Belong with Me. It was Liz Rose who was her secret weapon on those songs.

The two haven't worked together since 2012, but I never say never.

Although this is entirely speculation on my part, I think that Taylor could be going "back to her roots." If it's true that she is back in Nashville and if it's true that she is working on new music, I wouldn't be surprised if she has linked up with Liz Rose again. Now, whether or not it is a country album we will see supposedly at the end of the year is yet to be determined.

But a girl can dream, right?

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