Occasionally we get visitors to the studios, Scout Troops, Mass Communications classes and the like, Tuesday we had Ms. Pennington's Journalism Class from Hooks Junior High stop in for the full tour, who knew it was gonna be that big!

So it was Ms. Pennington plus twenty-seven students and Boys Athletic Director, Coach Hight.

Wes giving the grand tour - Claire Pennington Hooks ISD

They had no idea we broadcast from closet-sized control rooms but they found out as they squeezed around the building peeking in each studio and office.

On Air Light - Claire Pennington Hooks ISD

Our fearless leader, Operations Manager Wes Spicher, gave them the grand tour but to our surprise, quite a few wanted to meet Jim & Lisa before they left, we were happy and flattered to oblige.

Thanks for coming by everybody, enjoy your summer!

Jim, Lisa and Wes and the Crew got silly - Claire Pennington Hooks ISD 2