I-49 has been open for several years now and it has really made the trip from Texarkana to Shreveport/Bossier City much faster, but Did You Know the much-anticipated flyovers from I-49 connecting to I-220 are now open as well?

It's true!

Let's face it, the only pain in the tushy about having I-49 was having to exit off of it at LA-1 and fight the traffic up to the light at 220 to either continue to downtown or go east or west on 220.

Now, we can exit east or west on I-220 and save several more minutes in that overall travel time to the Boats or shopping or traversing to part unknown.

Kudos to Louisianna for gettin' 'er done. Now, if we can just get Arkansas to finish I-49 north to Fort Smith. Hello, anybody in Little Rock listening?







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