Did you see it? Did you see it? I'm talking about the International Space Station! Last Saturday my husband and I were camping at Lake Wright Patman and I received a reminder on my phone that the ISS would be passing right over us at 8:48PM.

I love this stuff! I set an alarm for that evening so we along with a couple of friends could run out to the boat ramp at the Rock Point Camp Grounds. I found out it would be visible in the Northwest sky going to the Southeast and would only be able to see it for 4 minutes.

Lisa Lindsey, Townsquare Media
Lisa Lindsey, Townsquare Media

We started watching the sky a few minutes before it was supposed to show up. We didn't know what we were looking for and we didn't know if we could even see it because it wasn't that dark yet.

But, low and behold we saw it! A bright little star high in the sky and it was trucking across the sky at a pretty fast clip. It was so cool and we could hear other people camping as they started hooping and hollering that they could see it too. I couldn't help but wave my arms to say "We're Here!" even though I knew there was no way they could see me. I still just had to.

There is an app available that will let you know the next time it will be in our area. It's called ISS Detector and it's free like our app!

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