We all love our pets so isn't it nice to know that there is a desiginated day set aside for all our furry friends. National Pet Day is coming up on Wed. April 11, and the website, nationaltoday.com  did a recent survey that definitively settles the cat vs. dog debate.
According to the survey, 45 percent of Americans own dogs while only 30 percent own cats. America's favorite online destination National Today asked 1.000 Americans about their pet preferences.

Among pet owners, 58 percent have multiple furry friends. Dogs rank America's #1 Most Popular Pet.

America's 5 most-owned pets are:
#1: Dog (45%)
#2: Cat (30%)
#3: Fish (9%)
#4: Bird (5%)
#5: Hamster (2%)

10 percent of Americans say their pet is their best friend. Another 11 percent hang out with their pets (watching TV or reading books), while 20 percent talk to their friends in a special voice or even carry on entire conversations.

Group of pets: dog, cat, bird, rabbit

Here are a few ways Americans plan to celebrate National Pet Day.

1. Give my pet a special treat (32%)
2. Tell my pet "I love you" (19%)
3. Buy or make a special gift for my pet (15%)
4. Let my pet sleep in bed with me (15%)

To learn more about National Pet Day, you can visit nationaltoday.com/us/national-pet-day/.

Here's what some of you said about what treats you give your pets.


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