A growing number of pet owners have something new to worry about: what to do when the dog gets high.

Since many states have legalized the use of marijuana, pet owners need to be very conscience of what their dog is putting in his/her mouth. When walking your dog, you probably aren't aware of what is laying around in the grass in your neighborhood or apartment complex.

Although it may sound funny, a stoned puppy is a nightmare that is very costly. One pet owner had to pay $730 for his dog's exam, lab tests, radiographs, toxicology screen, catheter, fluids and hospitalization, according an article in the Los Angeles Times.

Bruce Castillo, an emergency veterinarian technician, told the newspaper, "I see a lot of cases where dogs have been walking in the park and then become lethargic, shaky and disoriented," Castillo said. "Their owners bring them in and are freaked."

If you ever notice that your dog demonstrates similar symptoms, take the animal to the vet immediately, because pot poisoning can be deadly. Know the signs, and you may be able to save your pet’s life.