Well Elton John, I'm gonna let you finish and all...but The Voice is one of the best reality T.V. shows of all time. Sorry to break it to you, but what makes it so great is that it is centered on the judges!

In a recent national article Elton John has voiced his opinion that reality t.v. show, The Voice, is flawed both in America and England. He basically states that the show is "all about watching the judges" and that "nobody on The Voice has had a hit record."

While Elton John may be correct in saying that the show focuses too much on the judges and not enough on the contestants, I'm right in saying that everything is a matter of perspective.

When I first started watching The Voice I absolutely would have agreed with John. I hated how it seemed like the show didn't care about the contestants. However, once I actually started to watch it every single week I began to love the banter between coaches. I don't care what you say, it makes the show.

I mean, if you sit down to watch it long enough you will notice how Blake always refers to Usher as "gusher", which just makes you giggle, and Adam and Blake bicker like an old married couple. Even though this is what makes the show, it is very easy to also see that the coaches care a lot about their players.

And as for the contestants not having hit records out just yet, have you heard Cassadee Pope's new single Wasting All These Tears? If you haven't you're missing out because it is amazing. Also Chris Mann is hot on the music scene.

Elton John is definitely a legend in his own right. But in my glorified country music world, Blake Shelton is his own legend and I would watch The Voice just for him.