These days, everyone is so quick to judge and think the wrong things of people. 

Well, I'll tell you what, don't assume you know what type of music I listen to. Being from Texas and going to college in Arkansas, people tend to assume I am a redneck...and that I only listen to redneck music.

While I do love country music more than anything, that doesn't make me a redneck. And also, I listen to classic 80s rock almost as much as I listen to country music. Bet you didn't expect that. Yes I do love Bon Jovi, Queen, Journey, REO Speedwagon, The Bangles and Duran Duran. Need I continue?

We've all gotten dirty looks from the person in the car next to us silently judging our music tastes as we blare the stereo. It happened to stand-up comedian and actress Retta (see video below). It's even happened to me.

The best story I have related to this though is when I was coming back from dance class with my little sister.

I drove a truck so that was already out of character for a girl. Back when Metro Station's "Shake It" was top of the charts you could find me blaring that out of my stereo. It was this very song my sister and I were jamming out to (very loudly I might add) with our windows open when a dark sedan rolled up next to us and then rolled their window down.

To my surprise, instead of yelling at us to turn it down or giving us dirty looks, the man in the car started singing along with us and doing some silly dance moves - as much as you can actually dance while driving a car. It turned out to be a really funny encounter that I tell people about all the time. It was nice that he didn't assume the worst of my sister and I.

The point is, don't judge a book by its cover right? Right.

Oh, and watch this video I mentioned earlier. It's a riot.

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