If you have run into any problems trying to get a Covid Test and you need one for returning back to work, travel or if you feel like you might be Asymptomatic, there is somewhere that you can easily go to to get a test.

There is now drive-up testing available in the parking lot of the Healthcare Express location in Wake Village.

The drive-up testing site offers both the Rapid Antigen and Rapid Molecular PCR COVID-19 testing where you will receive the results on the same day as the test.

Lauren Butler with Healthcare Express said in a press release;

“Drive-up testing services really appeal to people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19 but need to be tested for pre-op, return to work, or travel purposes. Fall allergies are kicking up and we’ve also seen patients book drive-up testing just to be sure that they are negative before visiting with family,”



You will need to schedule a drive-up appointment online at https://www.gohce.com/. Once booked you can drive up to the center at the appointment time. That is where a testing attendant will check you in, process your payment and then administer the nasal swab test. You will then get your results later that day through the Healthcare Express online patient portal.


Is it free? Well, unfortunately, no. It will cost you $225 and insurance will not be billed for drive-up testing.

Butler gave this advice on insurance,

“We’ve found that a lot of insurance providers do not cover COVID-19 testing for people who do not have covid symptoms and wish to confirm they are negative for COVID-19. We advise anyone being tested to check with their insurance provider to best understand what is going to be covered"

If you need more information on this type of testing or if you feel symptomatic of Covid-19 you can get more information at the Health Express website.

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