This video will have you switching up your family's Christmas traditions.

I came across this video on my Facebook feed and upon further investigation, I've realized I need to introduce a new family tradition to our Christmas celebrations... The family Christmas dance video.

According to Ammon Orgill, who posted the video, this is a family tradition in his house. There are eight children in his immediate family. That means he is one of eight kids! Insane. Of course, as they have gotten older they have married and started having their own children, but the tradition remains.

This video is their fourth annual Christmas video and is set to Justin Bieber's "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." The cherry on top of this tradition is that they all wear one of their mom's somewhat tacky Christmas sweaters in each video. There are links to their other videos on Ammon's YouTube Channel.

I'm extremely impressed with their talent, interpretation, lines, and all that other jazz you hear on Dancing with the Stars. However, I think I'm more impressed with their ability to completely empty out the living room without their mom going cuh-ray-zee.

In all seriousness though. It's a beautiful thing to see family come together and have this much fun with one another.

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