It's Christmas week and for my final search for the biggest and best Christmas Light Displays, you have to drive to Crossett, Arkansas the home of Finney's Christmas Wonderland.

Designed by Sam Finney who's display was featured on the ABC television show " The Great Christmas Light Fight," back in 2015. The show features contestants all across the U.S. competing to win $50,000 by showing off their stunning massive light displays. Happy to say the former military man from Ohio who now resides in Crossett was the winner that year.

After serving in the military, Finney moved to Crossett where he got married and began working for Georgia Pacific for 43 years before retiring in 2014. Finney has always had a lifelong dream of spreading the joy of the Christmas season not only to the family but to everyone in his community. What started out as a small display has turned into huge colorful displays that feature mostly handcrafted decorations created by Sam's imagination. Over the years his decorations have expanded to cover both sides of the road surrounding his home. Now people from all across the country make a trip to Crossett just to share this unique experience with their families.

And if your wondering just how many lights adorn Finney's Christmas Wonderland, over 1 million lights are used. The lights are made of mini LED's, one hundred floodlights, one hundred LED incandescent, and fluorescent lights. Some of the features include a drive-thru lighted tunnel, color-changing trees, the animated Nativity scene, 8 ft. Ferris wheel, 16 ft. snow slide, set of shooting stars, snow globes, bubble machine, and a train on a 30-foot oval track. Clark Griswold has nothing on Sam Finney as he continues to add new displays and lights every year including a full-blown light show now.

The best part of Finney's drive-thru displays is that each year he pays tribute to the men and women who have served in our military by honoring them with a special section dedicated just for them. It's his way of saying "thank you" for the sacrifices they made fighting for our country.

So, get the family together and make the 2 hours and 30-minute drive from Texarkana to the Southeastern part of the state. It will be an evening of fun your family will always remember. Finney's Christmas Wonderland located at 123 Goshen Road.

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Drive-Thru displays are open Weekdays sunset until 10PM and Weekends sunset until 11PM through the holidays. Admission is FREE but donations are gladly accepted. For more information visit Finney's website. Open through New Year's Day!

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