It's the Christmas season, and everyone wants to see a beautiful display of Christmas lights. There is a fantastic display to check out that is not far from Texarkana in East Texas.

It's Piney Park in Marshall and it is a sight to see. I had the chance to go with family over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I had no idea of what to expect, all I knew was there was a trail of holiday lights and I wanted to see it.
Lisa Lindsey
Lisa Lindsey

The walking trail was fantastic. The fun reindeer displays, Christmas-dressed dinosaurs and the stunning colors of the light displays were wonderful. There is even a big beautiful light display of the Texas State Flag and you just gotta love that.

Christmas Tree With Baubles And Blurred Shiny Lights


There are other things to check out as well. For the kids, there is an area of jumbo jumpers and the kids go crazy for it. There is also a great light maze you can walk through and find your way out that is fun for all ages. I also personally checked out the big super slide and we all took a ride on the barrel train pulled by a tractor. Yes, they were kind enough to let all of us 4 adults on the barrel train and it was fun too.

And then we saw Santa! I am not one to turn down a visit and a photo with sweet St. Nick.

Lisa Lindsey
Lisa Lindsey

All in all, we had a blast. If you have kids or if you want to feel like a kid again then be sure to check Piney Park out this holiday season. They will be open through December 31. You can find out more information about tickets and hours at their website or their Facebook page. Have fun!! Check out the photos below!

Stunning Christmas Light Attraction in East Texas

Christmas Lights at Piney Park in Marshall, Texas

Gallery Credit: Lisa Lindsey

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