In just a few short weeks Americans will be celebrating our Independence Day but next Thursday, June 14, we will celebrate the birth of old glory, our American flag.

National Flag Day is very symbolic in its own special way. Basically, it was the birth of the stars and stripes of the American flag. On June 14, 1885, Bernard J. Cigrand, a 19-year-old teacher at Stony Hill School, placed a 10 inch, 38 star flag in a bottle on his desk then assigned essays on the flag and its significance. This observance commemorated Congress' adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777.

There will be a special Flag Day celebration with the U.S. Army's birthday celebration at the Truman Arnold Student Center at the Texarkana College on June 14, at 5PM. The American Legion will be presenting three local residents with the Legion of Honor Awards. The public is invited to attend.

So if you have an American flag fly it with honor on June 14, and be proud that you are an American.