Food Truck Fridays are back in downtown Texarkana and highlight the 5 cool things to do this weekend in Texarkana.

1. Food Truck Fridays. Food Truck Fridays are back in downtown Texarkana. This Friday you can get some great food and dessert from 4 different vendors.

Woman with French fries and ketchup at food truck
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2. You can see 13 Bands This Weekend in Texarkana. From the acoustic duo of PHED and"Alex And Liv" to the folksy country sounds of "Robert Kline Jr", you can find some great music for all tastes in Texarkana this weekend.

3. The Temple Memorial Cornhole Tournament. This great fundraiser event will be on Sunday at Crossties in downtown Texarkana.

Cornhole beanbag toss wood game board outside on grass

4. Wine and Tappas. This is a great event tonight helping Hands On Texarkana the theme is 'Fine Dining Under The Stars' 1920 style and will take place at the Collins Home in Texarkana.

Close-up of four people's hands toasting with wine glasses

5. Cosplay Crawl. This is what the organizers had to say about this event on Saturday:

Cosplayers - Fan Expo Dallas
Cosplayers - Fan Expo Dallas
Join us for a downtown Texarkana cosplay crawl, beginning at 6:00 PM on Saturday, October 8, at the Railyard Saloon, as we hop from bar to bar.
Ages 21+ Costume required to participate.
To find out more you can email

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