For this Cowboy, the offseason isn't about partying it up in the big city.

If we were to write down all of the reason for which we love Dak Prescott, the list would be quite extensive. We love his energy on the field and the way he led Dallas to its best season in years. But let's not forget the person he is off the field. We love that he loves the simple life.

Like us.

Many professional athletes see the offseason as a time to turn up, but Dak sees it as a time to slow down. Most recently, Dak posted photos of him enjoying some time back home in Louisiana doing what many of us love... fishing. It's something that Dak is quite good at, but we're sure he does it more for the people he gets to do it with.

For instance, this cluster of photos from his Instagram show him catching some fish with his brother, Tad, and his old high school football coach, Rodney Guinn. Simply put, it was everything he needed.


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