Everybody loves a parade and Texarkana is gearing up for the 68th Annual Four States Fair & Rodeo Parade on Saturday, September 15 at 10 a.m. in downtown Texarkana.Growing up in Texarkana, the parade used to be on a Friday afternoon for many years. I can remember getting out of school and my parents taking me and my brother to see the parade. As a kid my mother used to dress me up as a little cowboy complete with chaps, spurs, cowboy hat and cap toy guns in a holster. And as a special treat every year before the parade would start she would buy us an ice cream cone from Wellworth's. They used to have a little ice cream stand in the five and dime store and that was some of the best ice cream as I recall.

It was a tradition in my household that we would go to the parade and then go to the fair that evening. Back then the fair was located at Spring Lake Park near the water tower. At that time my favorite food was the buttered corn on the cob on a stick. I don't believe they sell that anymore at any fair, now it's the roasted corn. It's good but I still liked the buttered corn better.

One of my favorite memories of going to the fair out at Spring Lake Park was that old steam engine train that was anchored down behind the rodeo stands. It was a staple for many years even when the fair wasn't there you could always go out and see it. I wonder today whatever happened to that old train?

And what about the tall Ledwell Lumber Jack Man? I have seen him though at the recent fairs and I think he's anchored down at Ledwell & Son if i'm not mistaken.

Love this time of year for all the memories that come back to me when I attend the parade, fair and rodeo.

Be sure and look for the Kicker truck in the Four States Fair Parade on Saturday, September 15!  And don't forget to join us at the outside stage for the Texaco Country Showdown during this year's fair.

Check out this video from YouTube.