I would like to brag just a bit here if you don't mind... my wife is a great cosplayer. She has been doing it for years at Comic Conventions with all kinds of great costumes from Star Trek to Doctor Who to the MCU and this year, a Disney Queen by the name of Maleficent.

She nailed it, best costume yet, and to prove it she went out Saturday night to the Halloween costume contest at Crossties and won! I'm a proud husband.

Technically this costume started last year but she kept adding to it, tweaking it, making it better and better and y'all, she has pretty much perfected it I think.

It was a great party at Crossties too, our first time to see the inside of the venue downtown on the Arkansas side of Broad, they have done a great job in creating a fun atmosphere for the downtown Texarkana entertainment district.

There was some terrific costume competition that night as well, check out some of the pics:

This guy's Gene Simmons KISS costume was terrific.

KISS Guy - Crossties 2021 - JimWeaver

Popeye and Olive Oyl, great!

Popeye and Olive - Crossties 2021 - JimWeaver

Remember the twins from the movie The Shining? Great couples costume.

Redrum Twins - Crossties 2021 - JimWeaver

There were two ladies doing aerialist work in the club too, pretty darn cool.

Aerialist - Crossties 2021 - JimWeaver

What you need is a hotdog with mustard and a beer, right?

Hotdog Mustard and Beer - Crossties 2021 - JimWeaver

This lady on the stilts was fantastic.

Girl on stilts - Crossties 2021 - JimWeaver

The Romans were there of course.

The Romans are coming - Crossties 2021 - JimWeaver

The Queen of the Damned looked great along with her minion.

Queen of the Damned and Dude - Crossties 2021 - JimWeaver

And the winners are... the Oompa Beer Garder couple won third, the KISS guy came in second and My Maleficent came in first!

Crossties Halloween Costume Contest Winners 2021 - JimWeaver

One more, the full version of the one above of Maleficent.

Maleficent - Crossties 2021 - JimWeaver

Great job to one and all of the Costume Contest participants, it was a fun night indeed.

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