Easter comes early this year, April 1. Thought it would be interesting to learn some new facts and stats about celebrating the Easter holiday, according to the website  Wallethub.com.

Easter is ranked among the most popular Church days of the year as 51.9 percent of adults plan to attend

52.4 percent - Share of Americans who say the Easter bunny came before the Easter egg

88.7 percent - Share of Americans who believe the proper way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny is ears first.



34.4 percent - Share of Americans are expected to plan an Easter egg hunt for their kids

49 percent - Share of Americans will decorate Easter eggs

easter eggs

77 percent - Share of Americans will buy or make a Easter basket for their kids

81 percent - Parents will steal candy from their kids Easter basket

Easter Bunny Outfit 4

51 percent - Share of Americans will cook an Easter meal for their families

And perhaps the saddest and most disturbing of Easter facts is that 81 percent of people who buy a rabbit will abandon it within in year.

Easter bunny listening to mp3 player music with headphones

For a complete rundown of Easter facts and figures click here.

Whatever you choose to do this Easter I hope you have a really safe and blessed Happy Easter!

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