Texarkana has always had a lot of history with old buildings, some buildings are still here but are just a mere shell of what used to be and others are being renovated to help preserve Texarkana's past. However, some are totally gone and some were really beautiful buildings that still should still be here.

A couple of weeks ago I did a story of past Texarkana restaurant's "Gone But Not Forgotten" Texarkana Postcards. This is Part 2 of that series. This is about buildings that I think shouldn't have been torn down because they were such beautiful buildings during their time. Many of you will probably see these buildings for the first time and say, "I didn't even know that existed here."  The Texarkana Cotton Belt Hospital is the only one I remember that was still around when I was a small child.

Y.M.C.A. Building

This two-story building had a beautiful spire on top with huge white columns that embraced its architectural structure and served both sides of Texarkana. I couldn't find any date on this but looks to be the 1920s era.


Texarkana City Hall

The 1900s city hall was located on the Texas side. No other information on this property or its whereabouts.


Texarkana Sanitorium and Hospital

So many cities and towns were notorious back in the early days of having sanitoriums including this one in Texarkana, Texas in 1945.


Cotton Belt Hospital

Cotton Belt Railroad purchased a 37-acre tract of land in Texarkana, Arkansas, and built a new hospital there in 1904. The building was set on top of the College Hill district and had great views from the back of the drive-around. It eventually shut down after decades and became a rehab center before finally meeting its demise and being torn down in the 1970s.  The domed spire at the top of the building was highly recognizable and was removed and lives on today at Bobby Ferguson Park on top of a pavilion.


Michael Meagher Memorial Hospital

Named for Michael Meagher who made a donation of $70,000 toward the purchasing of the building. The Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word had charge of the Hospital. Michael Meagher remains memorialized today in the CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital.


Postcards of these buildings are available for purchase on eBay.