Are you ready for the big game this Sunday? The Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers and whether you're planning on throwing the ultimate party at home or going to a party, one thing's for certain, you can bet there will be plenty of snacks and drinks.

One of my personal favorites is to barbeque those Lil' Smokies that come in a package. I buy a bottle or bottles of Sweet Baby Ray's sweet and spicy sauce, mix in the sauce cook in a pan on medium heat as not to dry out the sauce. You can even cook in a crockpot slowly if you prefer. Very simple, quick and easy to do. Lil' Smokies are also great wrapped in bacon too but may take a little longer to prepare, but well worth the wait.

Other great nibbling foods include taquitos, spicy meatballs, quesadillas, wings, spiraled rolled sandwiches, cheese sticks, just to name a few. Now, if you want to go all out, BBQ ribs, brisket, mini burgers, hot dogs, and pizza are all crowd-pleasers. Oh, and don't forget the chips and dip!

Take a look at these great tips and ideas. Hungry yet!!!

Planning that party, here are some great tips.

And what would the game be without some drinks?

The game is set to kickoff at 5:30PM on FOX.

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