You will often see posts and videos on our station website. Have you ever wondered what happened to the dogs? I have some happy tails stories to give you a great feeling from sharing articles and videos from the animal shelter.

This sweet little chihuahua below was being surrendered by his owner while I was at the shelter. I did not ask why she was giving him up because it didn't matter. In the end, he was being left behind and I didn't really care what the reason was. The good news is, when his video was shared by everyone on Facebook, this boy was scooped up by a loving person who is now fostering him through the Texarkana Animal League until a forever home is found.

These beautiful white shepherds were taken to the shelter as strays. They had wandered  up to a church in the community and after a few days of waiting for owners to be found, they were taken to the shelter. Gorgeous dogs. They appeared to be brothers. I posted the video on Facebook just to get them a little coverage and the post exploded with views, shares and comments. These boys are now on their way to a white shepherd rescue in Michigan. Not only did that rescue take those two dogs but they took another one that was a stray in Genoa.

Everyone who shares our posts and videos plays a huge part in saving these animals. Thank you for all that you do. Keep up the good work!